Wasteland [WIP] - 0.5.0 Released Sept 24, 2020!

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Re: Wasteland [WIP] - 0.5.0 Released Sept 24, 2020!

Post by Andrew350 »

Fuerfrost wrote: 10 Oct 2020 16:14 Actually... Why not do it by date? First X years are destroyed industries, next X years are premodern industries like industrial revolution Era, then it leads into modern or future or atomitech stuff?
Same reason I don't change other things by date I guess - there's no way of knowing how much progress there should be by a given date. If I say advanced industries should start appearing after 50 years, but you've only just started "rebuilding" the world at that point, it doesn't make sense for advanced industry to start appearing yet. It's the same reason nature never grows back and towns never renew on their own; everybody's pace is different and scaling those things to align with both short and long games is nearly impossible. It would almost require it's own sort of "daylength" setting to scale progression to your playstyle.

It's certainly possible, but would need a complete redesign of the economy (and everything else) to make it work, and I've been trying to avoid doing exactly that :mrgreen:

Ideally there would be some sort of correlation between what you've accomplished in the game and what opportunities start appearing, sort of like a tech tree, but there's really no good way to do that in NewGRF.
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Re: Wasteland [WIP] - 0.5.0 Released Sept 24, 2020!

Post by Simozzz »

Well, I think there is actually a way to simulate rebuilding of industries.

Each tile have acceptable cargoes that can be changed. Look at ECS powerplants or factories.

If it possible to have only construction materials accepted before n amount of it supplied - than it is what needed. And there could be simple low-producing logging or scavenging camps or something similar to have limited supply of construction materials at the beggining.
As downside I see - there will be construction materials as accepted cargo in each type of industry window then.

Also, when I tried to rebuild megapolis type city - it removed all destoyed houses and didn't build enough new ones to keep it supplied. Now it is a ghost town litterraly.
Sorry for my bad English.
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