GarryG's Australian Sets - Updated 2022-05-25

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GarryG's Australian Sets - Updated 2022-05-25

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This is not a discussion topic, please use the appropriate development threads.

GarryG's Australian Sets - Release Topic

This topic is for documenting the latest releases for the various sets that GarryG has created. Due to the uninhibited and prolific nature of GarryG's development and releases, it can sometimes be difficult to track whether or not a player has the latest files. Some of them may be uploaded to the in-game content download service, and others may not. With the current development threads at over 65 pages and thousands of posts, I promised GarryG that I'd create this topic to try to help sort that out better. I cannot guarantee that this will be 100% up-to-date or inclusive, but it should be a better resource for trying to find it.

If a file name is not in this list, then it may be an obsolete set that is either no longer supported or has been merged into other sets. Keeping track of obsolete sets is far too time consuming. If you need an older file, please use TT-Forum's advanced search function to try to locate it.

2021/05/19 Auz Airport Objects
2021/04/24 Auz Beach Objects
2021/09/18 Auz Boating Objects
2021/12/02 Auz Car Park & Subway Overlays
2021/04/16 Auz Car Park Addons
2022/01/20 Auz Cloud Sky
2021/07/13 Auz Creek & Drain Objects
2022/05/18 Auz Farm Objects
2021/10/03 Auz Fences Objects
2022/05/25 Auz Industrial Objects
2021/10/27 Auz Landscape Objects
2021/01/02 Auz Objects Addons
2021/02/20 Auz Objects Pre-1900
2021/02/02 Auz Power & Telephone Objects
2021/12/04 Auz Ratt Roads Objects
2020/09/09 Auz Road & Rail Objects
2021/01/02 Auz Rail Objects
2021/07/24 Auz Reefs & Atolls, Part 1
2021/07/24 Auz Reefs & Atolls, Part 2
2021/04/23 Auz Subway Overlap Bridges
2021/04/24 Auz Subway Overlay Objects
2022/01/29 Auz Town Objects
2022/04/24 Auz Town Objects Addons
2022/02/20 Auz Town Wall Addons
2021/01/02 Auz Sports Objects
2020/11/04 Auz Quast65 Car Racing Road & Objects
2021/01/02 Auz Water Objects
2021/09/17 Auz Water Addons

2020/09/21 Auz Bus and Truck Terminals
2020/09/21 Auz Freight Stations
2020/09/21 Auz Stations Foot Bridges
2020/09/21 Auz Stations Non-Tracks
2021/11/13 Auz Railway Stations
2020/09/21 Auz Stations Catenary
2020/09/21 Auz Stations City Platforms
2020/03/20 Auz New City Platforms
2020/09/21 Auz Stations Country Platforms
2020/03/20 Auz New Country Platforms
2020/09/21 Auz Stations Normal
2020/09/21 Auz Sydney Stations
2021/12/10 Auz Trains Depot Extensions
2021/12/25 Auz Waypoints v4
2020/09/21 Auz Wired Stations
Outdated sets:
Auz Stations Part 1/2/3/4
Auz Subway Stations
Auz Stations Platforms
Auz Freight Stations Part 1/2 (now just Auz Freight Stations)
Auz NSW Stations Northern Division

2019/10/08 Auz Rails
2022/02/20 Auz Random Houses
2021/03/06 Auz WIRES (Electricity transport)
2020/12/30 Auz Objects Menu Template

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