[expert servers] industry does not get cargo

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[expert servers] industry does not get cargo

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I started playing OTTD again after quite some while with some NewGRFs in a set I used and enjoyed a lot.
Today I encountered my first problem with an oil refinery not accepting cargo anymore. The train routes worked for several years without problems. Station is accepting oil but it doesn't get to the refinery - See screen.
Potsdam Transport, 2000-03-31.png
error detection
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Adding tiles to the station does not solve the problem (there was an adjustment to station layout due to new tracks). Any clue why this happened? Save game is attached.

Sorry if it's in the wrong forum section.
Potsdam Transport, 2000-04-11.sav
save game
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Potsdam Transport, 2000-04-11.png
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Re: [expert servers] industry does not get cargo

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BlueDeath wrote: 30 Oct 2020 18:01 Any clue why this happened? Save game is attached.
I took a look at your game. Train 38 is set to "Unload and take cargo". It's picking up the oil it just dropped off, so none of it is going to the refinery. Once I adjusted it to "Unload and leave empty", the oil began to flow again, the station produced goods and your goods trains began delivering to the town.
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