Esperanto Town Names (v1.2)

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Esperanto Town Names (v1.2)

Post by Christopher »

Christopher and LaPingvino proudly present...

Esperanto Town Names!

This newGRF includes 784 real world town names converted into Esperanto! As of version 1.1, random original Esperanto town names are functional, and there are approximately 10719 possible names!

This newGRF is ideal for those Esperanto enthusiasts and maybe even the Esperanto curious. I know for me, I'm glad to have a set of town names that match the language in which I play OpenTTD!

Also available for download is a function nml and lng files for those who would like to learn how to make a simple town names set, and also to learn how to make a random town name generator.
(6.23 KiB) Downloaded 196 times
(7.44 KiB) Downloaded 163 times
Get Esperanto Town Names here! Also available on BaNaNaS!
Vi povas kuraci vian unulingvecon hodiaŭ per Esperanto!
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