Incline monorails in Japan

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Incline monorails in Japan

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I found this beauty this evening. ... -638496631
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What is it? It is a "slope car", manufactured by Kaho Manufacturing in Japan. This particular one is found at Funaoka Castle Park in Shibata, Miyagi Prefecture.

It's an incline monorail (similar to rack rails & funiculars) and typically installed in parks, resorts, golf courses and temples. The cars can hold 2-50 people and are found in one- and two-car configurations. They are slow speed, typically 2-5 km/h but a few can travel at 10 km/h. The cars are geared to travel on up to 45 degree slopes. They are considered elevators rather than railways under Japanese law.

More info:
EN Wikipedia:
JP Wikipedia: ... B%E3%83%BC
Manufacturer website:

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Re: Incline monorails in Japan

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That is one unusual looking vehicle!

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