Guidelines for New Members

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Guidelines for New Members

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Hi there and welcome to the Locomotion section of TT-forums.

In this topic i will go over some basics of the forum etiquette (unwritten rules which will help you have an easier induction) which hopefully you will follow so as not to possibly annoy some of the members who have heard the same questions time and time again.

1. First and foremost please take time to read over the general forum rules which apply to the whole of the forums ( ), failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning, and this forum operates a 3 strike rule, ie 3 warnings = a ban. The moderators for this forum are Orudge (the main forum moderator), Badger and the Global Moderators so if you have any problems then pm one of these. I am not a moderator but if you have a problem then you can also pm me and i will get in contact with the other 3 on your behalf if you wish to do so.

2. If you have a query about anything at all, please before making a new post, use the search function and specify the Locomotion Graphics, Modifications and Tools section to narrow your search as most questions have already been asked before so that's a good place to start.

3. If you can find what your looking for by using the search function the please take a look at the next thing we hope you will pay attention to and that is the stickies :-

a. If its new vehicles then take a look at this topic as it gives a comprehensive list of most of the new modifications available.
Also take a look at and as they also have databases of modifications, some of which aren't available on this forum, but you will be linked to download pages.

b. If you are wishing to know about
"can i have more that 224 vehicles" etc (the scenario editor limits) then have a look at as it will say how these things are presumed to be in the .exe and no we will not edit the .exe as it is illegal.

c. If you are wanting to request new modifications, once again please use the search function to find out if it has been requested before or is included in any of the available packs, but if it is not, then you can make a new request but follow these guidlines but don't expect an instant reply as this is just a hobby for us and not all requests are answered. If you do not get a reply within a day or two please do not keep asking if your request will be filled as we do not check the forums every day, be patience and ask nicely and it may be done.

4. Please do not dig up old topics as this is generally frowned upon and you may receive some of the more experienced members telling you off for doing this as many of the older topics are old and dead for a reason, and there is no reason to dig them up again.

5. If you wish to start making modifications for yourself then you will need this handy tool :- All help and documentation is in this topic so please ask your queries in that, but if make sure your question is new by reading the whole topic first. Also take a look at the Locomotion Wiki ( ) which will help you when you start to try and mod things.

That's it i think so please enjoy your stay and hope you have a fun time here.
If anyone thinks i have missed anything then please pm me instead of posting a reply here.

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