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Post by ValHallA|SW »

CobraA1 wrote:
24/32 bit truecolor
As long as it supports both, I'm happy. I'm sooooo sick of stuff that only supports 32-bit - my card only does 24-bit!!!! :x :x :x
32-bit _does not exist_

windows says its 32, but actually its 24...
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Post by uzurpator »

32 bit DOES exist - 8 bits per color, 8 bits per alpha channel :p
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Post by Korenn »

yup and there are even windows graphics modes that are 32 bit. 24 bit + 8 unused ones (in 2d that is). some (old) graphics cards have those instead of 24 bit.
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Post by CobraA1 »

I've seen my share of programs that support 32-bit but refuse to use 24-bit.

Yes, I know 32-bit has the same # of colors as 24-bit, but try telling that to some thickheaded developers of other projects . . .
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Post by Zuu »

32 bit = 4 byte
24 bit = 3 byte

2^2 = 4 byte
but 3 byte is not a power of 2.

32 bit > 24 bit.

This is why 24 bit is not used on todays gfx cards.
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