Graphics we have permission to use

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Graphics we have permission to use

Post by orudge » 16 May 2004 22:13

For reference.
  • Michael Blunck has let us use all of his graphics, as long as they are not modified in any form (including re-encoding), and he is properly credited.
  • Marcin Grzegorczyk has let us use his graphics.
  • George has let us use his (Long Vehicles, etc).
  • Purno has let us use all of his graphics.
  • Andrex has let us use his Urban Renewal graphics.
  • We can use the US Set.
Amend this list as necessary. Obviously, in all cases, we should give proper credits and/or links.
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Post by dominik81 » 22 Jul 2004 20:13

We also have permission to distribute Marcin Grzegorczyk's graphics with the game:
Yes, it's OK with me, as long as I'm credited somewhere (manual, readme or something like it).
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Post by Killer 11 » 23 Jul 2004 08:14

And as i said in the topic of tile set beta2 topic you can distribute my set with any game aslong as you credit me.

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Post by CyberBoy » 11 Aug 2004 22:41

If you can find use for them, you have my permission to use the Sonic Cruiser, AN-124 and the Eurocopter, but you must also consult SHADOW-XII about the cruiser, and both of us must be credited accordingly. I would like it if they replace the Dinger 1000, Dinger 500 and Guru X2, so the future planes are replaced by a good-looking alternative.
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