Early Era

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Early Era

Post by chrisswhite »

Hi there my transport friends ..... (D´Oh)
I have little question.... a want play game with start year in 1900.
Normaly i play with Long Vehicles v4 but its too early (First car is in 1920)
can somebody tell me about some interesting GRF of cars and maybe trains? But rather road sets with personal and industry cars :bow:
Sorry for my terrible english im from Czech Republic :lol:
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Re: Early Era

Post by McZapkie »

The most known for early era are eGRVTS, including horse carriages, you may try also HEQS industrial trams, Road Hog, polroad (also with horse carriages, articulated or not).
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Re: Early Era

Post by kamnet »

Also look at 2CC Trams, which start offering vehicles in 1873.
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