How to get Transport Tycoon Dlx to work on Win2k or XP

Talk about the sequel to the original TT, Transport Tycoon Deluxe.
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How to get Transport Tycoon Dlx to work on Win2k or XP

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I´ve put up a FAQ at:

This should answer the most common questions about TTdlx on Win2k/XP

I can also reccomend following page for more information on the subject:

If you still can´t get it to work, just ask :)

Edit: The 1.9.1 version of the ttdpatch will make it much easier getting it to run on win2k/XP. All you have to do is download the patch, put it in your ttd catalog, and run it. You might want to exit at once and review the options that is set in ttdpatch.cfg. Prior to 1.9.1, you had to set the file in a compatibility mode if you wanted to run it in fullscreen.

Version 1.9.1 is as this is written, currently in development.
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