Generic 600mm narrow gauge trains inspired by HEQS

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Re: Generic 600mm narrow gauge trains inspired by HEQS

Post by acs121 »

Wow, an albanian railway. Love how it's extremely cheap but so well done. No mechanic switches, just manual operation. No pantographs, you ! Just a bit of a conductor material on a stick and tada.

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Re: Generic 600mm narrow gauge trains inspired by HEQS

Post by Kevo00 »

Yeah. Who needs expensive engineering when a bit of conductor material works just as well?

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Re: Generic 600mm narrow gauge trains inspired by HEQS

Post by Diesel Power »

I think health and safety might have a thing or two to say about it if it was in the UK. :twisted:

Amazing video!

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Re: Generic 600mm narrow gauge trains inspired by HEQS

Post by McZapkie »

Small update. Rail sprites are now visible in menu (they use now different colours than menu itself :)
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Re: Generic 600mm narrow gauge trains inspired by HEQS

Post by SimYouLater »

Can you please do me a favor?

I've created tri-guage tracks (600mm, meter-guage generic narrow gauge, and standard) using the label VOLO and electrified tri-gauge using the label VOLE. The only way for this to work as expected is to ask other NewGRF makers nicely to add compatibility, and while I can't make it compatible with every rail set ever, I can ask active GRF creators if they're willing to adapt.

For your 600mm track, you would also need to add a parameter to remove compatibility with NAAN from dual gauge, to ensure tri-gauge isn't redundant.

Thanks in advance. If it's too much work to add these two railtypes and change the dual gauge, the other option is adding a parameter to disable NG60, NG6R and NG6E and I'll include a modified version of those tracktypes in RIS. Whichever is easier for you, it's your set and I don't want to be too much trouble for you.
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