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Post by wallyweb »

Romazoon Memorial Park Sample .png
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1. Background
Tintinfan 07 Jul 2020 wrote:Today I have received the news that our friend has gone to sleep happily with his loved ones with him and sends us all here love and good wishes too. In one of our most recent conversations we discussed what amazing new things are coming out for OpenTTD and how myself and a few others would make sure to build a park in all of our games for him. Hopefully maybe a few other people may wish to make a park too, I know he would be very happy.
wallyweb 12 Jul 2020 wrote:Excellent suggestion. People on tt-forums may have noticed that in my games and scenarios, I have a little park with a bandstand that I place on the center tile of all my towns. It is now known as Romazoon Memorial Park.
Over the ensuing weeks through the efforts of GarryG, it has become apparent to me just how proficient and productive Romazoon was as a TTD pixel artist. Indeed, his work is featured in his "Romazoon's Graphics thread" at viewtopic.php?f=26&t=70833 as well as his Content Downloader GRF release, "Romazoon Object Set".

This led me to realize just how paltry my little Bandstand was. I set to work on growing something more appropriate to Romazoon's memory ...

Today I am honored to release Romazoon Memorial Park, incorporating several of Romazoon's objects as well as my adapting some to extended purposes and including some of his own adaptations of a retaining wall by Flogeza and two fountains by zero.eight. As well, I have included my little pedestrian bridge which seemed to be a good fit for this project.

Following up on a mention by Titinfan that Romazoon was French and an avid gardener, his flowers and gardens are prevalent throughout the park as well as the tri-colore flag and I reproduced a rather famous arche as a main entrance to the park.

2. How to ...

RomazoonMemorialPark.grf is a compendium of sprites presented in a menu, the sprites being modular in concept and designed to be assembled by the player into a presentation suitable to the player's needs.

The tar package includes a scenario (.scn) that displays all the sprites and provides a rather large area for the player to experiment with usage of the sprites. (Saved with OpenTTD 1.9.0)

Random selection is widely used and under normal game conditions, sprites could be quite costly to the player's company. In consideration, I have set building costs to 0, with the only modest cost being the initial clearing of a tile.

Sprites are assembled from component sprites using NFO's "Extended format using multiple combined sprites".
Sometimes this can exibit some clipping. There are two in-game fixes:
1. Zoom out and then zoom back in.
2. Use the Toggle Bounding Boxes tool. (Under the blue "?" button in OpenTTD.)

3. Acknowledgements

Tintinfan for previewing the many itirations of development and providing background information on Ramazoon.
GarryG for his excellent work in archiving Romazoon's artwork.

4. Technical

GrfId: "RB" FF FF // 52 42 FF FF
Class label: "RMZN"
Text ID for class: 00 D4
Text ID for objects: 01 D4 through 1F D4
License: GPLv2

RomazoonMemorialPark.grf was coded in NFO.
The sprites are 8bpp and use the TTD Window's palette.

The Romazoon Memorial Park.tar archive includes the following files:
- RomazoonMemorialPark_README.txt (This document}
- Romazoon Memorial Park - SPRITE CHART.scn (A scenario for reference - extract this file)(Saved with OpenTTD 1.9.0)
- RomazoonMemorialPark.grf (Do not extract. OpenTTD will find it)
- RomazoonMemorialPark.nfo (SOURCE CODE - Fully commented)
- RomazoonMemorialPark.png (Sprite sheet - BONUS! Also includes a complementary slope reference)
- license.txt (That GPL thingy)

5. Installation

Download and install (do not extract) Romazoon Memorial Park.tar into the newgrf folder located in your content_download folder.


Considering that I am not proficient in m4nfo or NML, provided that it has NOT already been done, please feel free to do the coversion.
Considering that I am not familiar with the content downloader (BaNaNaS), if it has NOT already been done, please feel free to upload it.
If someone wishes to do a translation, please post your request below and the strings will be provided.
Romazoon Memorial Park.tar
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Post by 2TallTyler »

What a thoughtful memorial. Thank you for creating and sharing this.
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Post by Gadg8eer »

I'm glad you worked on this instead of teaching me how to code bridges; I didn't realize you were doing a memorial for Romazoon this whole time, makes me glad I have the time to wait for others!

R.I.P. Romazoon
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Post by CTarana45 »

The set is excellent in OpenTDD, and so was your motivation for making the set!

Thanks, WallyWeb!

Christopher Tarana
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