What is CargoDist?

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Re: What is CargoDist?

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claudineskiles wrote:
04 Apr 2020 03:56
I would just like to know what CargoDist is and what it does? Thnsk you
A very nice, detailed explanation is available on the OpenTTD wiki:
https://wiki.openttd.org/Passenger_and_ ... stribution

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Re: What is CargoDist?

Post by aiyoung12354 »

How do i get cargodist?
im running openttd 1.9.3. something called cargo destination is in settings but there is no option that would change the game away from the -all passengers board a train then all get off at next station- standard mode. even though the article linked to says it's now in trunk which i assume means standard.
so i assume its still actually a patch or new grf but the wiki article doesnt say where to get it.

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Re: What is CargoDist?

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You have to enable it in the settings.

The suggested settings are:
- Passengers: Symmetric
- Mail: Asymmetric
- Cargo: Manual

(I don’t normally play with Valuables, but they could be any of the three settings depending on your preferences.)

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