Japanese Suspended Monorail Set

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Japanese Suspended Monorail Set

Post by Erato » 29 Jul 2018 00:30

Japanese Suspended Monorail Set
This set contains all (commercial) suspended monorails from Japan, for use with the Suspended Monorail Tramway Replacement NewGRF.


Coding: Erato
- Erato

jpsusmon 1.0.tar
(100 KiB) Downloaded 83 times
Also on BaNaNaS!

[+] Spoiler
Because someone felt that it was important for me to be more explicit about my license, but I don't want to, let me say it here: all my work is licensed under CC BY-NC:
This means you are free to use my material as you wish, as long as you:
1) Give credit
2) Don't make money off of it.
You are allowed to re-license the adaptive material as you wish. Sprites made by others may be licensed under a different license.
Source Japanese Suspended Monorail Set 1.0.rar
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