TTD in javascript for pointJS

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TTD in javascript for pointJS

Post by vldb »

Hi. I decided to build a copy of TTD in javascript using poitJS. and I already build a map with all rendering it needs. Was very hard as it was created in PointJS, not the greatest game engine, but works good with animations.


There is lot more stuff to do. I have almost all menus for this game done, doesnt show the menu bar on a screen, I turned it off while working with the map. That was a hell of a job and if not the ChatGPT, i never would accomplish something like that.
Is there anybody wants to help this project? We can have our own TTD for browsers with our own scenarios and what ever.
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Re: TTD in javascript for pointJS

Post by pelya »

If you just want to run OpenTTD in a web browser, it's already possible, with help from Emscripten. ... enttd.html

It's a touchscreen version, there was also regular version somewhere, but it would not load anymore.

If you want to re-implement OpentTTD in pure Javascript, well, it's a huge codebase.
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