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Forum rules
No consecutive posting in word games. If starting a new game, please check to see if there is already a similar game - such topics are likely to be locked.
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Games Forum Rules

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Welcome to the games subforum - a place specially for the games that once cluttered Off-Topic.
However, don't feel you can spam more here. Us moderators don't expect to see an increase in new games being created, and this forum wasn't made so you could wallow to your hearts' content!

The rules at the top of the page apply everywhere, and are the general prime directives:
  • No consecutive posting in word games: If you're participating in the likes of the Three Word Story or similar, you must leave at least three posts after yours before you can post again.
  • Check for similar games: This doesn't mean just check to the bottom of the page, do a proper search to check such a game hasn't been tried in the past and died.
  • There will almost certainly be games left in Off-Topic for a while: We can't find every game ever created in an instant! If you do come across an old game that hasn't been posted in for a while, send any of the moderators a PM and they'll be happy to put it in it's rightful place.
New Games:
  • All first posts should describe the rules of the game clearly
  • There should be an example of at least two made-up posts to show how the game's meant to go
  • Each post should have a well-defined objective
  • No "counting games" or similar. Games should at least have some kind of interesting aspect to them.
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