[OTTD] Kick Start *100% hand-made

Post your custom scenarios here. Saved games also welcome. All Transport Tycoon games acceptable (including TTDPatch and OpenTTD).
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[OTTD] Kick Start *100% hand-made

Post by Drummer17198 » 12 Sep 2013 00:52

The year is 1980
--->In 1965, the government, faced with overcrowding, is forced to open up its last land reserve to development, but with certain requirements. The area must also be profitable in the industrial private sector. They allowed big businessmen and hardy entrepreneurs to come in and start up. The businessmen saw the river and the rich soil along its banks and started a plethora of farms for the easy money, considering the factory just down-stream. The entrepreneurs, seeing the laziness of the businessmen, each went their separate ways and prospected for other raw resources that could be extracted from the ground. Some found jackpots, others found just enough to be worth enough digging out.
--->These industries required workers. Towns sprung up, power stations and banks arrived, and the area seemingly was on the rise. All looked bright.
--->Suddenly, at a yearly meeting, many entrepreneurs announced their intent to close their mines. Their supplies had run out and they had to look elsewhere to continue earning money. Thus began the certain demise of the government's experiment.
--->The President himself, recently re-elected, refuses to let this be another failure at the problem of people. He fronts money from his own pocket and accounts for the construction of a major highway between the most populated areas and also hires someone to make the whole area move.
--->This is where you come in. You HAVE to transport the people. The body at rest will stay at rest, according to Newton, so keep the body of workers in motion. You also are charged with the task of moving the resources to the industries who can turn them into materials the general public can take use.

You have many options on even this small map.
1.) Use the already implemented highways
2.) Use the river and some cargo ships to take the farm produce down-stream to the factory
3.) Set up a train network

--->End insane backstory

Lol guys sorry i felt overly creative. Anyways this is another map made by me, 100% by hand, and 100% fictional. It is on BaNaNaS, and I'm extremely proud of this map. There's plenty of details and little features and a not-so-secret add-in that could be plenty of fun. Please leave feedback below.
Most of the map
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Re: [OTTD] Kick Start *100% hand-made

Post by Zhall » 03 Oct 2013 08:04

At first I was like, Openttd kickstarter?

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