Bank balance limit in TTD

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Bank balance limit in TTD

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Is there a limit of $2^32 bank balance? I am on DOS TTD (not patched). Is there anyway to get pass this limit? Happens all the time around year of 204x to me when annual income reached around 200 mil, then the the bank balance seems getting overflow from 4,294,967,296..

By the way, I am very happy to find this great site and forum. Love this game for long time, and years ago got it running back in DOSBOX for nostalgic reasons. Never found this site perhaps because I thought game this old has long been forgotten in this age full of games of all sorts, and thus never googled for it. Obviously I was wrong.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Re: Bank balance limit in TTD

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I would suggest trying TTDPatch with all switches off except, I think miscmods.
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