Broken Hills at the Rivers Mouth

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Broken Hills at the Rivers Mouth

Post by uktrackbuilder_loco »

I'm bored and its wet so here is a landscape that has been hanging around my computer for too long

Right the landscape has been created on a clean copy of locomotion, there are no mods involved.
They are sc.5 files saved with the most basic of items to ensure locomotion saved them. The items are removable in the scenario editor if you upload them as a landscape

The zip file format is Winrar

so extract to:
drive of choice
program files
scenarios or landscapes

Its not to my usual smoothed out standard I think the fact its more difficult terrain cancels that out by a long way
have fun
ps this one is actually somewhere very famous when viewed from the air
Broken Hills at the Rivers Mouth.RAR
Winrar zip file containing sc.5 file, read me and three screen shots
(1.3 MiB) Downloaded 301 times
shot of the landscape
shot of the landscape
Screenshot7.JPG (537.07 KiB) Viewed 4812 times
shot of the landscape
shot of the landscape
Screenshot8.JPG (569.01 KiB) Viewed 4812 times
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