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Im New

Post by eric_22 » 06 Jan 2015 18:50

Hi guys, just joined. First of all the reason i have Chris Sawyer's Locmotion is because i have been watching the user of Zimmlock, which has got me hooked and i have now bought it. So thank you Zimmlock.

Anyway i did not know where to put this but here goes, I am looking for the US train set, along with the Container set on AMI, but can't find it, is it under a different name?


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Re: Im New

Post by TJ-99 » 06 Jan 2015 19:08

With Amitrains mostly dead, you have to sort of guess at what's in the various downloads still available there.

The items you are looking for are there. Try all of the Chicago Locomotive Works (CLW) and Plastikman sets first. Them maybe some of the Amitrains "exclusives." In fact, you should probably get them all, with the possible exception of stuff you know you aren't interested in. In my case, that would be European electrics. But I've downloaded just about everything else. Some of it I use; some of it I don't. Still, I've got it if I ever decide I do want it.

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Re: Im New

Post by Zakos » 06 Jan 2015 20:41

You're most likely looking for the US/North American Megapack. Usually you can look on AMI Trains but as stated above, the site is down.

I'll post the links below. The first link can also be found in my signature.

Current AMI Trains download site
Chicago Locomotive Works

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Re: Im New

Post by Greyfox » 07 Jan 2015 23:01

@eric_22......and welcome to the forums.
Windows 10 discussion here:
Looking for AMI trains, Chicago Locomotive Works, etc: You'll find your needs here:
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