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PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:47 pm 

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Alright. I decided to make this step by step guide to make life easier for MAC users who are desperately trying to play this game on their OSX machine.

This guide will be a representation of the steps I took in order to successfully install and run locomotion. (Results may vary according to different users).
I will try to be as comprehensive as possible.

Step. 1 - Download Locomotion & Winebottler Combo.

Loco -

Winebottler -

*Note - When you have purchased Loco, make sure you copy-paste the personal product registration key that is displayed in the 'Thank You' screen. They do however send an e-mail automatically regarding all these details, but just in case something goes wrong save it somewhere.

Step. 2 - Install Winebottler.

This step is a piece of cake. Once the .dmg file has finished downloading, open the mountable drive (If it didn't already open by itself) and highlight both WINE & WINEBOTTLER then drag and drop into your applications menu (Which is provided in the Winebottler drive window).

Step. 3 - Open Winebottler and Install the Update.

Open Winebottler. Once again it is very simple, it should automatically prompt you to do the update but if it doesn't then open the preferences window for WINE (Top right corner where your airport internet icon is.) and click the 'Check for Updates' button. (You should also tick the automatically check for updates box.)

Step. 4 - Installing Locomotion.

When you've finished updating, find your 'Locomotion_Setup.exe' that you downloaded from Atari and open it (Or secondary click and use the Open With -> Wine). You will then see a prompt window from Wine saying the following:

You are about to open a Wine file.

What would you like to do with it?

Opt 1. Run directly in - /Users/"your user here"/Wine Files (This will be in a drop down style bar and is the default option. You do not need to change anything.)
Opt 2. Convert to simple OS X Application bundle with Winebottler.

Now make sure Opt 1. is ticked and click Go.

*Note - /Users/"your user here"/Wine Files <--- Wine Files is the default folder that Wine automatically creates for you, however you can organize your directories more specifically via the custom prefix functions.

Alright so you've made it this far, now the installation wizard for locomotion should be initializing. Now all you have to do, is simply do a standard windows style installation.

That means tick the agree to license agreement.
Select Full Installation. (IMPORTANT)
Selecting directory destination. (DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING JUST CLICK NEXT)
Selecting registry destination. (DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING JUST CLICK NEXT)
...I forget the rest, but those are the important ones.

*Note - Do not create desktop shortcut, or any other windows based shortcuts.

OH ALSO! It will ask you if you want to install gamespy, THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED. So press No.
After it has done it's installation dance it will ask if you want to register locomotion, it's entirely up to you.

NOW with all that out of the way, the last thing it will ask you is if you want to launch Locomotion. Click No. (You still have to do something before you play).

Step. 5 - Wine Virtual Graphics Settings.

Before you launch Locomotion, you need to set the graphics resolution for the virtually emulated machine. So click the wineglass icon again in the top right (Near your airport internet icon.) then click the 'Configuration' menu.

Click the 'Graphics' tab in the new window that pops up in X11 and tick the 'Emulate virtual desktop' option.
You must use - 1024 x 786. (I think... Correct me on this if higher resolutions are compatible with loco.)

Now hit apply and click OK.


You can now launch Locomotion through the X11 emulated window without any problems (I think).
So to find the launch file, go to your user folder (The one that looks like a house).
From there go to:

Wine Files --> drive_c --> Program Files --> Atari --> Locomotion --> Loco.exe

And now your in Locomotion land.
ONE VERY LAST THING. Go into the GAME OPTIONS and increase the resolution size to 1024 x 786. BUT! do it one by one, for some reason I got a crash error when I tried to go to that setting straight away. Strange...

*Note - Your probably not very satisfied that the game cannot expand into a full-screen window... Unfortunately I havn't discovered if it is possible to enable the window to go full screen. If anybody with more experience knows, please contribute.


- There is a bug that manifests if you keep closing X11 whilst there is a windows emulation running. Make sure you close the emulation through the 'Exit Game' option in the Locomotion main menu. If you keep closing it by shutting X11, the Loco.exe won't launch and nothing will happen. To treat this bug, just restart your mac and things will go back to normal.



Adding vehicle MODS into Locomotion is simple and easy. Once you've downloaded and extracted your archived files (.zip, .rar etc.) just copy paste or cut the relevant files into the 'ObjData' folder.

Wine Files --> drive_c --> Program Files --> Atari --> Locomotion --> ObjData

*Note - Try not to replace stuff, if it is prompting you to replace something always make sure your not overwriting an essential .dat component of the game. It may create anomalies or bugs. Always back-up your ObjData folder.


Coming Soon.


To add scenarios (.SC5), place them in the Scenarios folder.

Wine Files --> drive_c --> Program Files --> Atari --> Locomotion --> Scenarios

All the best.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:44 am 
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Thank you very much! :D



PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:08 am 

Joined: Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:05 am
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It just freezes for me at C:/.../Atari/Locomotion/Data/80s2.dat. It pops a message up that says:

Component: Full Install
File Group: Full
File: E:/Data/80s2/dat
Error: Not Ready

Please help!

PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2013 1:09 am 

Joined: Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:05 am
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Now I tried a Torrented version, I was using a disk version last time. It got past the previous error, but not it says:
Component: Compact
File Group: Default File Group
Error: -2147024891
God damn it, HELP!!!!

PostPosted: Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:10 am 

Joined: Sun Nov 11, 2012 9:19 pm
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So I'm trying to do this from a cd, it keeps saying please insert the locomotion disk...its in my dick drive...

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