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I just noticed that there is no line brake after your head image, so half of the links came after the image and the rest on a new line.

Here is a snip from your code:

Code: Select all

<IMG SRC="title.jpg">
<A HREF="news.htm" TARGET="mainframe">[NEWS]</A>
<A HREF="plan.htm" TARGET="mainframe">[ABOUT]</A>
<A HREF="download.htm" TARGET="mainframe">[DOWNLOAD</A>

<A HREF="archive.htm" TARGET="mainframe">[ARCHIVE]</A>
<a href="" TARGET="mainframe">[GUESTBOOK]</a>
<A HREF="howto.htm" TARGET="mainframe">[HOWTO]</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="mainframe">[FORUM]</A>
You have forgot to use

Code: Select all


inside your TR first block.

If the use of TT is corect or not I can't say, as I dont use TT in my tables.

It is recomended to test a site with the standard validator ( regular to see if you breaks any standards.

Please take this as an advice, not as a flame.
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Post by chochmah »

thanks, fixed it
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