Scenario Editor Feature's

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Scenario Editor Feature's

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I came up with this while struggling with a scenario and as I am using from time to time Inkscape(not advertising), there could some of these photo editing features implemented into the editor as a map editing feature.
I did not come across the on the commonly asked for list, sorry if I missed it.

Scenario Editor/Map Generator/ Feature Idea:

1. There could be an addition to the ground and water leveling feature:
- by pressing an assisting key and using the mouse, raising, lowering and leveling the ground could be done in a single diagonal line(just like you would be placing train lines with pressing Ctrl); plus the same thing could be allowed when placing water on the map.

2. Land and water generating command could be upgraded to the level, where the user could play consecutive dots on the map, which would be connected automatically with a straight line and after finishing it would transform the line to the desired land or water on the map. Something similar using photoshop, inkscape or gimp-like software whe editing photos/pictures.

3. A new scenario/map generating feature:
- a new patch or a scenario/map creator feature, just like the NML for newGRF's, the only difference would be that it would be built-in feature and it would be working like so: the user could put placeholders on the rectangular viewport of the wanna-be-map and when finished, the feature would automatically translate the placeholders into normal scenario tiles, thus generating the desired map.

Looking forward to your neat answers. In hope of possible implementation.

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