Making a network

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Making a network

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I used to play this game many moons ago, so was amazed to find a version to run on windows 8.1
I have got my teenage son into it and he has downloaded a copy on his windows 7 pc.
My question is how can we play a game together?
Any help would be much appreciated, but please note that I have no idea about how networks etc work :roll:

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Re: Making a network

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OpenTTD has multiplayer built into it. Click on Multiplayer from the main menu. Here you can either join a server, or start a server. If you select start server, your client will act as a server for others to connect to, you will still be able to play normally even though your computer is acting as the server. You can save and load your game in the server too, so you don't need to start a new game each time. If you're both local (same network), you may get away without port forwarding, if you don't live together, you will need to port forward ports 3979 on both UDP & TCP.

You can also run a dedicated server, which is headless (no screen) version if you have an external server, however if you're just looking to play with family, you probably do not need to go this far.
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