Mac file download fails

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Mac file download fails

Post by ximarin »


I want to install TTD on my Mac (Catalina 10.15.7). I tried both the zip and dmg.

After unpacking and copying the files over to some decent folder, I start TTD.

I now get asked to download the graphics pack, but the dialog does not do anything (it seems).
I see the OpenGFX.tar.gz being created in content_download/baseset, but it remains at 0B.
After few minutes, the dialogue changes and now shows 'Downloading expansions' ('Lade Erweiterungen herunter...') but nothing ever happens.
The game seems to be trying to fetch the files, but the request seems to go nowhere and the app is basically stuck now.

Is there anything I can to to make the game download the needed packages?

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Re: Mac file download fails

Post by Eddi »

you can also download and unpack OpenGFX manually
You might not exactly be interested in Ferion, but if you are, have fun :)
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