download links for old versions are wrong

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Crass Spektakel
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download links for old versions are wrong

Post by Crass Spektakel » 22 Jul 2019 22:44

Recently I tried to download an old version of OpenTTD so I browsed but all links to old versions end in ... atest.html which is obviously the wrong page. EG if I go to ... 1-8-0.html and then click on download I land on ... atest.html instead of ... 1.8.0.html

An old forum topic mentioned an URL for 0.5.2 which was still working so I played around with the URL and found that you can still reach old downloads though not through the official links but my manually editing the URL, e.g. ... 1.8.0.html still works but isn't linked anywhere, not even in the "1.8.0 stable release" topic.

Bugged? Or did I look in the wrong place? Is there an official overview of all older versions?

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Re: download links for old versions are wrong

Post by Eddi » 23 Jul 2019 00:33

there was a website redesign, which changed some things around, so the old links likely don't exist anymore.

you could open a ticket at and maybe someone might look at how to handle/redirect these old links
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