Getting Started with Passengers

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Getting Started with Passengers

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Here are a couple tricks I have learned that can be helpful when getting started or just generally moving passengers around.

1) You can get a lot more passengers at your station if you make the it the station area bigger with bus stops. This really helps if there is a large city, because you can put your station on the outside and then use bus stops toward the center of the city to get more of the buildings to use your station. You can use this trick for normal bus station, ship ports and even airports.
One thing to be careful of is that once you do this: it can be hard to add another platform to the station after it is done because the “center” of the station is not where the train station is, so you make get the “station too spread out”

This shows the area the of people that can use the station, so make it as big as possible or at least as big as the town
If you accidentally make a new station, this will not work, so make sure all of your bus stations are the same station name as the train/ship/bus/airport station
2) The other trick is to abuse the 'Passengers from nowhere'
This is done by stacking your passenger stations in a line from north west, to south east. The number of passengers from any station directly north west of another station will be added to the number of passengers that normally would be at that station.
Some things I have found from this glitch:
-This property is additive, so if you make a huge line of stations, the station at the south east can have a huge amount of passengers.
-There is no distance limit to this, so one station can be on one edge and the other can be on the other, and this glitch will still happen, as long as the station is directly south east of it.
-I believe this can also happens if you make a station if you place a station south east of a AI station. (this one I'm not positive about.)
-The order the stations are put in might matter. (I always put in the North West station first, but I don't know if it actually matters)

This is handy to know, because sometimes there are too many stations at a big city, but you can still get a lot of passengers if you place a new station at a town that is south east of it.
Passengers from nowhere use
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If you use these two tricks together, after a few years, there can be so many passengers that you can't get them anywhere fast enough.

If you have any other tips about these please post them!
Spreading out the station
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