Docker for OpenTTD Dedicated Server

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Docker for OpenTTD Dedicated Server

Post by ich777 » 14 Aug 2019 10:21

Hello everyone!

I want to inform you that i've created a Docker image (mainly for Unraid) for OpenTTD Dedicated Server it will automaticaly download the prefered version entered in the startup commands download all the needed files, compile it and start it.

Here are the startup commands:

Code: Select all

docker run --name OpenTTD -d \
    -p 3979:3979/tcp \
    -p 3979:3979/udp \
    --env 'GAME_PARAMS=' \
    --env 'GAME_VERSION=latest' \
    --env 'GFXPACK_URL=' \
    --env 'COMPILE_CORES=' \
    --env 'UID=99' \
    --env 'GID=100' \
    --volume /mnt/user/appdata/openttd:/serverdata/serverfiles \
    --restart=unless-stopped \
GAME_PARAMS = Enter your extra start up commands for the server if needed otherwise leave blank. To load the last autosavegame you MUST specifie the following '-D -g /serverdata/serverfiles/openttd/save/autosave/autosave0.sav' you can also customize the path begins always with '/serverdata/serverfiles/'
GAME_VERSON = if you set it to 'latest' it will grab the latest build an compile it you can also enter '1.8.0' and it will grab that version for you (downgrade and upgrade is always possible) the docker will check for a newer version or the prefered version on startup
GFXPACK_URL = enter here the graphics pack url, leave it as it is unless you are know what you are doing
COMPILE_CORES = how many cores you would use for compiling, leave it empty to use all available cores
UID = the UID of the User (don't change unless you know what you are doing)
GID = the GID of the Group (don't change unless you know what you are doing)
volume = the path where to save the files on your server to get easy acces to
restart=unless-stopped = the container will automaticaly restart if it crashes

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. ;)

Regards, ich777

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