Yet Another Startup Script

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Yet Another Startup Script

Post by XeryusTC » 31 Jul 2013 22:11

Recently I reinstalled my laptop so it runs Linux, and with great OSes comes great scripts. I made a script to update and run OpenTTD while it also allows to fetch passwords from the net. The script is not super intelligent atm but it can update from the most important sources (to me). If you want any more added just leave a comment. The script assumes you want to connect to a server so it is maybe not that useful for single player games (it is on my to do list). It looks for server configurations in config.ini (a config-sample.ini with instructions is supplied) and it expects the name of the configuration to use as a command line parameter. The script is written in Python3 so you'll need to have that installed (and it assumes that it is in /bin/python3).

That is about it for now I guess.
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