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PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 3:28 pm 

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I hope this is the right section, there was no "gameplay discussion" or "newbie corner" so I figured this would be the correct place to put it.

I just recently picked up OpenTTD and having a great time with it. I've been spending a lot of time on the Wiki trying to figure out how to best optimize tracks and whatnot. I also randomly found a decent Let's Play on YouTube that gave me a few ideas:

I had a game with a pretty obvious scenario where I was wondering how it would have looked if someone a bit more experienced had gone at it.

Bigger picture with map:

Factory, Farms and loads of flat lands. Pretty obvious what the possibilities are.

How I tackled it: (the Goods route)

TL;DR: Terminus loading / unloading stations with a Ro-Ro Factory setup. A couple of tunnels to line up tracks properly without issues.

Now - a few questions...
  • How terrible is that setup? Keep in mind, I haven't gotten used to using any signals except Block signals so far. What would be easy optimizations? I only have like 5-6 Farms connected to the Factory so far, I imagine it will go completely wrong if I add more. Plus I didn't leave enough room for expansion.
  • What's the deal with depots and trains? Before I added a few additional depots on the route I had a few trains go massively off route to get to a depot.
  • Is the Goods route a decent length? I started at 1975 so I had the 200km Diesel train that shows up in 1978 and I am thinking I should have made it a longer route that went West/Southwest instead. I don't really know how the whole "lose value over time" thing works yet or if it's even a factor on a route of that size.

If anyone wants to play the map for giggles, the save is attached below (ignore the stuff built so far ;)). It has AdmiralAI, ChooChoo and Convoy "added" (only Admiral is active at Save point, I think). So you may need those to load it? Dunno!

Thanks for the help and much praise to the wonderful people developing this! :bow:

Edit: PS: Happy New Year!

Pitney Transport, 22nd Dec 1976.sav [1.25 MiB]
Downloaded 30 times
PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 3:45 pm 
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Tip: path signals are better at complex junctions. They allow multiple trains through a junction at once, as long as their paths do not intersect. It's easier to understand if you set 'Show Reserved Tracks' in the Advanced Settings to on.

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