Docklands Developement

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Docklands Developement

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Now that a minimum viable version of my road and tramway set is out in the wild, and as it is a GPL2 licensed set, I am establishing a development thread here as an easy place to park the relevant source material. Some development of the set will be on going, but as it is quite simple and functional, I don't expect there to be a flurry of development related discussion. For the Docklands release topic and NewGRF, see here: viewtopic.php?f=67&t=75941

Docklands is a NewGRF that provides some new types of roadway and tramway with support of the NotRoadTypes development patch/fork. NRT approaches the road type problem by splitting road and tramway, and allowing each tile to contain one type of roadtype, and one type of tramwaytype, out of a maximum of 15 of each category. Each road (or tram) type can have various properties, such as graphics or power supply. Please find development discussion of NRT here: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=75637

I created docklands primarily as a proof of concept for a roadtype set in general, as well as to take advantage of a desire I've long had for industrial road and tramway graphics that fit seamlessly in large industrial complexes, ports, and freight yards. The set provides both road and tramway, with and without overhead wire, with full tile graphics inspired by, and kit bashed from, FIRS, CHIPS, ARRS, and ISR.
Sources, including PSD files
(351.69 KiB) Downloaded 59 times
As the set is GPL, anyone else curious about playing around with roadtypes can poke around with the sources attached to make a grf of their own, so long as they comply with GPL terms. Have fun!


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