How to play TTO/TTD on Windows

General talk about Transport Tycoon that isn't specific to TTD, TTDPatch or OpenTTD.
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How to play TTO/TTD on Windows

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It looks difficult, but is isn't :D
1. Download DosBox (» (You have to choose your OS))
2. Download TTO (») and extract the ZIP-file
3. Start DosBox and type: mount c (the path to the folder where you extracted the ZIP in)
4. Type c: and then install
5. Click on Configuration
6. Press 5x ENTER (or RETURN)
7. Click Exit program, and then Exit to DOS
8. Type tycoon
Now you can play Transport Tycoon! To skip the intro, press ENTER (or RETURN). To stop, click and hold the Floppy-icon (in-game) and slide you mouse to Quit to DOS, and then release the mouse button, and type quit in DosBox.
If you want to play Transport Tycoon after that you closed DosBox, you have to redo step 3 and 8.
Have fun!

TTD (Windows only)
1. Download TTD for Windows (») and extract the ZIP-file.
2. Doubleclick (at the folder where you extracted the ZIP-file) on Setup
3. Install TTD
4. You're done!

TTD (If Windows don't work, or for Mac / Linux (and others))
Do the same as for TTO, but do this instead of Step 2:
2. Download TTD for DOS (») and extract the ZIP-file.

Sorry if my English is bad...
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