[REL] Nathan K5HL Hornsound

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[REL] Nathan K5HL Hornsound

Post by norfolksouthern16 »

My first custom working hornsound for Locomotion! The horn is a recording of the horn from a GE GEVO Locomotive. I tested after I made it and it works.

This is the Nathan K5HL hornsound that was first made in 2004 and used on GE's GEVO Locomotives (GE Evolution Series).
Nathan K5HL
(65.14 KiB) Downloaded 89 times
Nathan K5HL Hornsound - viewtopic.php?t=89919
Nathan K5LA Hornsoound - viewtopic.php?t=89925
Nathan P5 Hornsound viewtopic.php?t=91318
Leslie RS3L Hornsound - viewtopic.php?t=89940
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Re: [REL] Nathan K5HL Hornsound

Post by griffinrails »

Very nice! I'd love to see more mods from you in the future.
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