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General talk about Transport Tycoon that isn't specific to TTD, TTDPatch or OpenTTD.
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Useful links

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List of sites where you can download TT

Other sites you can download TT (some links may be out of date)

TTDPatch: You need this to play TTD with Win2000/XP, and it add much useful things to TTD

Older patch versions: (for the nagging kind)

Owen's TT Station

TTD FAQs: much info about TTD

Good site from M.Blunck with the new ships and lots of other stuff

Why TTD is so good?

The relatively holy Church of Transport Tycoon

Transport Tycoon Deluxe by Oliver Keating

Transport Tycoon Deluxe Pages

Henk's Transport Tycoon Place

A website with the usual things Stopped

The place for scenarios

TTDX Editor, a useful cheater's edit tool

Transport Tycoon Mailing List

Other site where you can download scenarios

The Transport Tycoon Newsgroup

Search other sites with Google:

Macca's TTDX Scenarios old one has moved

Urban renewal, new graphics:

TTDX configurator, program to start the patch:

Mp3Pro's site with new graphics:

krtaylor's site about the toyland conversion to east-asia:

Internet spell checker (By Jan):

Shadow's site, home of the ttdpatch starter

New website from the creator of that new long vehicle
There is some nice info available
Please give him a visit and sign his guestbook :wink:
(Used to be )
New link

Russian TTD & Locomotion Community
(added 21/10/2004)

Dead links, will be removed after some time

Anaconda's site

Transport Tycoon Central

German site still under construction

New TTD graphics:

Site with some explanations about getting TT to work under Win 2K or XP:

Explanation how to play Transport Tycoon Multiplayer via the Internet: (added 10/7/2003)

TTD Savegame Examiner by G4S:
(added 15/7/2003)

The brand new Transport Tycoon Link Collector by SpComb and Purno (added 15/10/2006)

[Updated by Owen - 25/12/03: updated a few URLs]
[Updated by Owen - 21/10/04: added Russian site]
[Updated by Owen - 23/03/05: updated URL of Russian community]
[Updated by Spiff - 15/10/06: updated a few URLs]
[Updated by Spiff - 16/10/06: put dead links together at end]
[Updated by Owen - 04/01/07: updated Linkage link]
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