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Post by Feldhamster »

Hi wollte mal fragen ob es eine MOD gibt die es den VERSCHIEDENEN Firmen erlaubt durch eine Art umschlagbahnhof Waren untereinander hin und her zu liefern

Hi wanted to ask if there is a MOD that allows DIFFERENT companies to deliver goods back and forth to each other through a kind of transhipment station
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Re: Handeln

Post by Chrill »

Hello. These forums are English speaking only. I added a Google Translated English version of your post, please continue your post in English. Welcome to the forums! :)
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Re: Handeln

Post by Eddi »

No ... well ... sort of.

Oil Rigs (in the ocean) have a neutral station that allows transfering cargo between companies, but only the last company gets any money from the whole transport, so if the trade is unbalanced you get screwed over.

also, there is an old "infrastructure sharing" patch, but that isn't a NewGRF which you can just load into your game.
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Re: Handeln

Post by Captain Rand »

JGR's Patchpack has the Infrastructure Sharing patch as well as lots of other mods.
Find it here: viewtopic.php?t=73469

Using this patch will let you transfer cargo (using transfer orders) between companies at any station owned by any company.
You can also buy and service vehicles in any company's depot, run trains on any company's track and join any company's track together.

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