Just TWO curiosity questions

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Just TWO curiosity questions

Post by CazadorSirenas »

Hey there, guys! :D

This a curious question I've always had and never actually got to ask about, so please forgive me if the answer was already widely known by the community.

Thing is, I've always wondered about the missing tiles while generating a new scenario or game, because they never actually generate the measured fix. I mean, in a tiny generated scenario of 64x64 the last tile is 62x62. I checked the first tile too, in case it started measuring at 0 or something instead of 1, but no. First tile is 1x1. And this happens in any standard measurement of the game: 512x512 is actually a terrain of 510x510, and etc.

So, is there any actual reason why this happens??? ?(

EDIT: Only editing to cram another doubt here instead of making a new post for a probably silly question. If I enable cheating as a second player/company and Nº2 buys stock from Nº1, will the headquarters still grow as the first company gets more successful? Or must the Nº2 company obligatory fare better by itself in order for the headquarters to show development?
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Re: Just TWO curiosity questions

Post by Eddi »

there is a set of invisible tiles around the border (this makes it easier for certain algorithms to prevent them from crossing the map edge)

you cannot access or modify these tiles (except terraforming, in case of freeform map edges).

also, if you have disabled freeform map edges, then the visible area will be 1 tile larger
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