Convert manager face code for OpenTTD to TTDPatch?

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Convert manager face code for OpenTTD to TTDPatch?

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(@Moderators: Sorry for the duplicate cross-forum posting, but it's pertinent to both OpenTTD and TTDPatch)

I recently installed OpenTTD, and found that one of the features of the game is the ability to customze the manager's face with a advanced settings (for the individual face parts).

In TTDPatch, you can use the cheat sign "cht: face" to display the face code used by TTD and TTDatch.

In OpenTTD, you can also display a face code, but the two are totally different (TTDPatch's face code, compared to OpenTTD's face code).

Anyhow, I created a face that I like in OpenTTD, and was wondering if anyone knew how to convert OpenTTD's face code scheme for use with TTDPatch (and vice-versa)?

I have an existing saved game running TTDPatch, and the face code is "59181D34". When loading this same saved game into OpenTTD, the face code is "2957010816".

In OpenTTD, I came up with a face that I like, and OpenTTD's face code is "206057752".

Does anyone know of a formula to transmogrify "206057752" to TTDPatch's face code?

Existing Saved Game:
TTDPATCH = 59181D34
OPENTTD = 2957010816

The one that I want:
OPENTTD = 206057752
Rich ¥Weeds¥ Nagel
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