Help with Vehicle coding, Liverys.

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Help with Vehicle coding, Liverys.

Post by temporal8 »

Hello, I am learning a bit of nfo coding and I started to make a set of vehicles in 32bpp, I already understood how to put vehicles into the game and I have 3 of them working.

My question is the following: I want each vehicle to have several color options, for example: if I buy a car, I want it to be able to choose in white, black or red, that is liverys as I understand it.

Predefined colors not company colors, I have the graphics of each color ready but I need to understand how to make it work in the code.

I am going through the wiki but I did not find the part referring to Liverys or it is incomplete.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Help with Vehicle coding, Liverys.

Post by Erato »

In NML you would use two switches based on cargo subtype. ... y_.2819.29
This might have the info you need.
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