Maglev Track Set 1.0

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Maglev Track Set 1.0

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Maglev Track Set
The Maglev Track Set was created because I wanted it to be easier to make low/mid speed maglev lines that weren't overpriced and that wouldn't affect High speed lines when not using funky signals and waypoints. I've been wanting to make a maglev track set for some time now, and now it's finally done. All tracks have their own depots, which can be set to either their real colours or to be compatible with company colours. All prices are adjustable to one's own liking.
Best played with Modern Maglev Trains 1.3

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We're also on Bananas.

1.1, 08-07-17
New feature: Disableable tracks, replacing stock maglev track.
Visual: Fixed non-cc Linimo depot being cc anyway.
Tweak: Fixed low-speed three phase track having a too low speed limit.
1.0, 30-06-2017
Initial release

Coding & Sprites: Erato
Inspiration drawn from: Froix's SMITS

What track to use for what train:
Three Phase:
Low: MBahn (M80/2, M70/2), ROMAG, Soviet Maglevs
Mid: Chinese Maglevs (Zhuifengzhe, Linglong), Brazilian Maglevs, ECCO
High: Transrapid
3rd rail:
HSST (Linimo), Korean Maglevs, British Maglevs
SCMaglev (MLX, L0)

- Redraw tracks
- New railtype label "T___" for monorail maglevs
- New railtype label "___I" for induction powered maglevs (will keep old labels for backwards compatibility)
- Rename "low speed third rail" to "Magnetbahn"
- Rename "third rail maglev" to "induction maglev"
- Only the "replaced" maglev track will be compatible with "MGLV", so you won't have all the trains compatible with a railtype. This will most often be EDS or Three phase high speed, so one of them will be default.
- Redo MBahn depot. I found it.
- Remove high speed speed limit.
- Make medium speed speed limit 160, except for induction maglev, because there is no high-speed variant, especially since Korea cut their maglev programme in favour of that hyperloop BS.

[+] Spoiler
Because someone felt that it was important for me to be more explicit about my license, but I don't want to, let me say it here: all my work is licensed under CC BY-NC:
This means you are free to use my material as you wish, as long as you:
1) Give credit
2) Don't make money off of it.
You are allowed to re-license the adaptive material as you wish.
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No pics no clicks. Seriously.
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