Iron Horse! 2.2.1 Released 1st December 2019

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Re: Iron Horse! 2.2.0 Released 1st December 2019

Post by andythenorth » 01 Dec 2019 18:50

Iron Horse 2.2.1 now on Bananas :)

2.2.1 Release

Not savegame compatible with previous versions of Iron Horse (sorry - nothing actually breaks, but moving from hg to git changes revision numbers).

  • added 2 Driving Van Trailers (driving cab cars)
    • attach to front or rear of a train with at least one other engine
    • for OpenTTD reasons, vehicles must have power to lead a train, so these vehicles include a small amount of power
    • refittable to mail and express freight cargos
    • first available around 1990
    • multiple liveries, livery shown depends on consist cargo and user choice (depot flip the vehicle)
    • automatically flips if last vehicle in train
  • added 3 Joker vehicles with limited gameplay benefit
    • Grub small steam engine (1860), 35mph, 250hp
    • Gronk small diesel engine (1951), 35mph, 400hp
    • Snowplough (1900)
      • has a small amount of power set so it can lead a train
      • can transport a small amount of mail or express freight cargos
      • automatically flips if last vehicle in train
  • added parameter to disable Joker vehicles (enabled by default)
  • added narrow gauge mineral car for gen 2 (around 1905)
  • improved appearance of steam engines, diesel shunters, some electric engines by reducing contrast of pixels in the wheel area
  • Zeus railcar had incorrect electric power value when built (buy menu showed correct value)
  • Scooby and Dover mailcars had incorrect sprites for 2 angles
  • added experimental tech tree page, showing engine progression
  • ported version / revision info from hg to git
  • rewrote parts of compile for compatibility with python 3.8
  • rewrote parts of compile for speed
  • using combination of python 3.8 and pypy interpreters, compile speed reduced by 40% in local tests
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