4k Indonesia scenario

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4k Indonesia scenario

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It is the year 1887 in the Dutch East Indies and you have been asked to lead the newly founded Royal Netherlands Indies State Railways and Tramroads.

You will be tasked to build the first railways in what is the world's largest island archipelago amid a stunning landscape of volcanoes and rainforests.

Allthough this map is very large, much of it is water, the islands are easily identifiable, so despite it's size you are unlikely to get lost on this map.

This map uses FIRS in a hot country as industry set, setting up a few agricultural lines on Java and Sumatra as well as a passenger network on Java should be easy, but the more complicated production lines will require you to ship raw resources from the outer islands to Java for further processing.

Heights are not 100% accurate, I used a lot of artistic freedom to make the map more playable and give it more character in the shape of volcanoes, canals in old Batavia, etc.
All towns above 50k inhabitants on a 2001 map of the country have been placed, I have used modern (post 1972) indonesian spelling, except for cities that had a different name in the colonial era; Batavia, Buitenzorg and Hollandia were renamed Jakarta, Bogor and Jayapura after independence.

This map makes use of the new NRT functionality and therefore requires the latest stable build of openttd 1.10.
Because there are no indonesian specific graphics I have used a range of graphics that I thought would work well together and in a NRT setting, parameters have been set to give you a nice selection of vehicles through time that are all NRT compatible.
I conisdered using the Dutch trainset, but decided not to because the post WW2 dutch trains are mostly electric oriented, whilst the indonesian network is mostly diesel operated.
I used Iron Horse 2 instead, apart from having many diesel trains this set allso has narrow gauge (which is a thing in indonesia) and is very new, using Openttd's latest game features.

Most of the newgrfs can be downloaded automatically via the ingame tool, there are 2 exceptions:
HEQS version for NRT, get it here
Turkish mosque, get it here

Note: the map will allso load without these 2 graphics; not installing the mosque just means a few mosques will be missing, not installing HEQS will mean you have no goods trams, installing regular HEQS means your steam goods trams cannot run on unelectrified tram track.

This is my first map for Openttd, so any feedback is appreciated.

Whatch an old film on youtube about the colonial railways in indonesia here
indonesia 4k version 1.0
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