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Available from OTTD's content browser in-game under the following names:

Scenario: United Kingdom: 1860-2100

Heightmap: Flatter UK & Ireland, 2048 x 20
(it got cut off and I can't edit it, oops)

NOTE: If you don't like my .scn because of my newgrf selection, if it's broken, or for any other reason, you're free to use the heightmap to make your own scenario, and use the below screenshot as a reference on where to place your own UK towns on it. Lemme know in the thread here if you have any questions.


Wow, it's been a while since I posted to an old board like this. :)

I've been playing TT since the days of DOS in the '90s, starting with TTO. I pick the game up and give it a replay every few years and am very glad OTTD exists - This time I made a scenario for myself, but I'm sharing it here.

United Kingdom: 1860-2100

(yeah I know there's cursors visible, I only noticed after and I'm too lazy to make this collage again)

A different take on something that's been done before a few times by others. The scenario is set in the UK & Ireland and is designed to be fun to play and give a paced challenge without being too complex. I'm not saying that existing scenarios of the UK are bad, I just didn't enjoy playing on them. :) So I made my own. And making it was part of the fun.

Play over 240 years between 1860 and 2100 - Since you have a long time to play, there's a slow start, and you have to work to build your transport empire. The UKRS2 newgrf provides trains until 2020, when default Maglevs and later Vactube trains will appear (but Monorail won't) until 2080-ish (if you get that far).

For the sake of pacing, only low populated towns/cities and primary industries exist on the map initially. Start by linking towns - London and the minor towns, or the major cities in the midlands (Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester) are good candidates.

Many of the primary industries will close as the game rearranges its industries - But enough should survive or re-open when you're finally ready to use them. Secondary industries will randomly appear close to towns, and there should be plenty of them after your first decade. You can also fund more when you finally get enough money. Bear in mind that oil wells and mines have limited lifespans!

I found that existing heightmaps of the UK were too hilly for my liking, so I made my own in Photoshop by tracing various maps, then painted on mountains over an elevation map using a brush type, giving them a rough look (unlike the smoother hills of Genesis world gen), while still being flat enough to easily build over, since they're not higher than 4 tiles above sea level.

Towns were chosen based on location, distance from other towns, real-world population, and historical importance - Which is why some large towns in the south of England don't exist in this scenario, but yet smaller towns in Scotland and Ireland do.

All but the major cities have low populations for the player to grow. England has many more towns than Ireland and northern Scotland to reflect real-world population distribution - And therefore is easier to grow.

Towns were placed by eye with maps as reference (some may be in the wrong place - The heightmap came out skewed in a weird angle) starting with those closer to the coasts, then working my way inland using the coastal towns as reference points. City towns in real world got the "city" status in-game, even if they became cities long after 1860.

The 1860 start is 'cause I'm using Pikka's town and industry basic industries newgrf (it improves over the original industries without changing them entirely or making them complicated) which has oil wells which only appear after this date.

It took a long time to build this scenario and I often left it to run while going AFK - Trees have run rampant across the map even though I clicked "Random Trees" only once before building any towns (big mistake!). You can make them transparent, but towns may hate you for a while when you build near them. Start with stations first before building anything else.

The "Progressive Rail Set" Newgrf is included so that Maglev trains can run on VacTube rails during the very late game (if you get that far), since VacTube trains cannot carry cargo aside from goods. This is why I've set vehicles to not expire (MagLevs do at around 2060 for some reason!), but old vehicles can be hidden in the depot menus.

Enjoy! :)

File comment: Scenario Preview
OpenTTD-UK-Scn3.jpg [401.93 KiB]
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