Victoria, SE_Australia v2

Post your custom scenarios here. Saved games also welcome. All Transport Tycoon games acceptable (including TTDPatch and OpenTTD).
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Victoria, SE_Australia v2

Post by sootynz »

Victoria, SE_Australia v2

SE Australia, from Melbourne and Mornington in the S.West to Canberra in the N.East. The towns are only approximate, and the industries are mainly random. This scenario has been around for a while and has recently had some minor modifications, using OTTD version 1.0.5. There is a partially completed Australian train set around somewhere, engines mainly from New South Wales, that is nice to use on this.
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Temperate climate, size=1024x1024, start year 1935
Victoria,Australia 1935_v2.png
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screenshot of Melbourne:
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Re: Victoria, SE_Australia v2

Post by markzl »

sootynz wrote:... There is a partially completed Australian train set around somewhere, engines mainly from New South Wales, that is nice to use on this.
I came across this while looking for aus scenarios:
sootynz wrote:...There is a NSW train set under development - see
I found this at another aus scenario "Australia - New South Wales for Openttd" found at

Hope this was helpful.

after reading the latest posts (on page 66 at the time of this post) there may be some other links worth checking out:
NekoMaster wrote:Nekomasters Projects
#Queensland Rail Train Set (QuRTS) > In Development > Nightly r030
sootynz wrote:An Australian - although mainly NSW - taster set was released way back for TTPatch, but it used to work OK with Openttd - I havent used it recently but keep meaning to again as there are sufficient vehicles to make an enjoyable game. I cant remember where you can download it so here it is with the txt file.


I'd add my vote to Lachie (?) getting an updated version

Edit by Pikka: original thread with downloads is here.
Lachie wrote:Contact the individual artists for permission. However, you may not use my art in any set, simply because most of the stuff on the net are hideously outdated.

Also, you're posting in the set's old thread, the new one is here.
P.S. is there anything to help make posting on forums easier? I just learned about "url" "/url" "url=" in the last few minutes & its pretty HARD to do on the 1st try! Lots of copy/pastin & many open browser tabs! Macpup linux had a firefox add-on that, i think, was supposed to help with this sort of stuff (maybe called "xinha here"?).

I hope this helped at least 1 person as i really, really LOVE openttd (not only have i learnt how to compile - so that it would run on my P1 166Mhz but i have also bought another computer just to play this!!) & would do almost anything to make it easier for someone to get to play this incredible game.
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