Photo of the Month Competition - October 2019 - Entries

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Photo of the Month Competition - October 2019 - Entries

Post by Voyager One » 02 Oct 2019 15:53

The POTM October 2019 contest is OPEN


As always, rules can be found HERE.

How to enter:
Easy - simply upload your image to this topic to enter or link it from a trusted site such as flickr, photobucket, DeviantArt, your personal website etc.
Uploading is preferred as it keeps things together. If you're linking from a URL, having a small 'preview' image and a link to a high-res image would be helpful.

At the end of the month, this topic will close and a voting topic will be started with all the entries in for people to choose their top one.
All entries will be uploaded to the tt-forums wiki and stored there for voting and also for archive.
Entries close on the last day of the month, voting will be available for 7 days (approximately).

The winner will need to contact me about what they want the next theme to be and then that will be posted in the entry topic for the next month*. Then we repeat from there. Simple.
(* If the winner doesn't choose a theme within 7 days, the next month's theme will be an "Open" theme).

If you wish to change your entry, you may so long as the entries are still open. Simply upload a new one to the topic and remove your old one.
Otherwise, it may get confusing as to which one you are entering. If there are two entries submitted and you have not informed me which one you wish to be used, I will use the first one posted.

Cheers people!

Image Image Image Image
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Re: Photo of the Month Competition - October 2019 - Entries

Post by Ploes » 06 Oct 2019 15:22

Going nowhere - Taken from a moving plane using a zoom lens so bit fuzzy but still an interesting sight!
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Re: Photo of the Month Competition - October 2019 - Entries

Post by Transportman » 11 Oct 2019 15:00

My entry for this month, Circular Quay harbour and train station in Sydney.
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Re: Photo of the Month Competition - October 2019 - Entries

Post by Emperor Jake » 14 Oct 2019 12:38

I'll enter one again, also from Australia :D

Waiting for a train at Couridjah, NSW
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