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The sense of competing game engines

Posted: 16 Mar 2007 12:33
by Hyronymus
It's uzurpator's wish to get Transport Empire on track again. I don't disagree with the need to get Transport Empire going again but I do disagree on the route chosen by uzurpator. Uzurpator decided to attempt a coup by starting to work on his own competing game engine rather than team-up with XeryusTC's work-in-progress, the TRoS engine.

Uzurpator wants the discussion on how to progress (or who to follow as he put it) to an end. That means we have to make a choice: do we continue the development of Transport Empire as a team effort or do we allow uzurpator to "show us the way".
If we choose the first we will have some more discussion about Transport Empire features. The challenge is to be less wooly though and to take decisions rather than postponing them. It will also follow the decisions made by the team (see the Design Document), such as implementing the TRoS engine.
If we choose the latter uzurpator will allow users to submit code solutions based on the Pioneer Law: the first offered workable solution is used. I have no idea if this something good or bad. Some decisions that the team made are neglected and I don't believe there is any justified ground for that (see his topic here).

My opinion on the coup is that I refuse to give in to uzurpator's coup just because he says it's for the good of Transport Empire. Not because I'm stuborn (I am though) but because I want Transport Empire to remain a team effort with as many team decissions as possible.

Posted: 16 Mar 2007 13:00
by Purno
Pioneer law might not be a bad thing, but uzurpator takes it to the extreme. I want TE to work as a team, and I strongly disagree with uzurpator's choice to code his own engine. I rather see uzurpator team up with Xeryus, which, IMO, would be way more efficient.

I rather have endless discussion than endless fights.

Posted: 16 Mar 2007 13:29
by uzurpator
There are no two competing engines.

What I am writing is the game logic. What Xeryous is recommending is the game auxilaries (graphics engine, sound engine etc.). I need such auxilaries to display graphics ferinstance.

What is the problem is that I refuse to use TRoS until Xeryous makes it possible to use the engine without getting down and dirty with its code. I tried to get through the repository online, but all i got was some random doxygen files.

Anyhow - my engine is flexible enough to switch auxilaries with ease (I alrady did so when going from SDL to Ogre) - so once I'll be able to commit to SVN anyone is free to change whatever they feel is necessary. The interface will be very tightly specified for this.

BTW - I'll commit my code on 31 of march. That is when I'll be able to access internet from my laptop/home machine.