What to do with Goods ?

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What to do with Goods ?

Post by mraupp »

where do I take them?

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Post by Australian Made »

i'd presume that its the same rule that applied in the original and ttdx you find a town that accepts goods and then send them to that depot, i'm not sure at this point as i'm not that far into the game....i'm just working this one out....have fun.

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Post by Steve »

Yup, but the town needs to be quite big. You can get a good tram system running to gorw a town, if you have a station in the middle you'll be able to take in food and goods.

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Post by SirLamer »

If you hover the mouse over the larger buildings, you'll see that they'll say something like "1/4 goods". Your catchment area of your station must be large enough to add up to 1 or greater in order for the station to accept goods. The same is true for food and passengers.

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