A manual of style for OpenTTD

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Re: Tooltip option?

Post by SciFurz »

Eddi wrote: 11 Jul 2020 17:27
SciFurz wrote: 10 Jul 2020 08:52 Something that I just remembered, when (re-)writing the tooltips, add the hotkey for the button to the text?
Right now there's no easy way to determine which key or combination it is.
since hotkeys are configurable, this would require a placeholder command like "{HOTKEY}" (which i don't think exists yet)
All the more interesting to have a window with a list of the hotkeys and the option to modify them there. Something that's available in many games.
Might be something to add to the TO-DO list for the developers.
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Re: A manual of style for OpenTTD

Post by Eddi »

if there existed something like a "TODO list", this would certainly be already on there.
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