Line break in save/load menu

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L. Spooner Inc
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Line break in save/load menu

Post by L. Spooner Inc » 12 Aug 2019 09:17

Several times now I've accidentally clicked "A" in the save/load menu instead of the file name immediately above it, resulting in a long delay while my computer tries to access the floppy drive (yes, I have one), then forces me to hunt through a whole bunch of directories to try to get back to where my actual save files are located. It would be helpful if a simple non-clickable ------------ text line break was added between save files and the device letters below them.

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Re: Line break in save/load menu

Post by jfs » 12 Aug 2019 19:05

I think you have three issues here, that add on to each other.

One is that your font might be too small if you have trouble accurately hitting a single line of text with your mouse. One of the compounding issues in this is that it's relatively difficult to increase the font size other than using the in-game 2x and 4x options, if for example 2x is too large and 1x too small, you would have to go config file editing to switch to a vector font and set size manually. That could definitely be improved.

The second is that there is no clear indication of what you will be clicking. It would probably be a big help if there was a highlight effect on the line you were pointing the mouse to, and I've been wanting that in other lists as well.

Third is that the file selection windows definitely could use some sort of folder history, i.e. a "back" button.

Adding in a blank line before the drive letters could be a sort of workaround, but having a blank "dummy" line like that is actually surprisingly annoying to program.

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