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No more players are activated

Posted: 23 Nov 2018 16:20
by Angell
Thankful for your attention I translate in Google the two questions I have. Thank you
1-No more players are activated to have competition
2-I want to know if it is possible to load the mp3 music from the computer disk and hear it through the OPENTTD player since I do not have any audio nor do I see how to make a playlist

Re: No more players are activated

Posted: 23 Nov 2018 21:45
by kamnet
1. You have to download the AI computer players. You can find them by clicking on the "AI/Game Script Settings" button, then "Check Online Content". You can also look in the OpenTTD AI and Game Script forum for downloads that may not be in the online content system yet, and you can manually place them in the appropriate folders.

2. You cannot load MP3 music files into OpenTTD. Your music options are MIDI files which have been programmed to play in OpenTTD. There are many music sets you can listen to, available by clicking the "Check Online Content" and type in "music" in the search box. Or, continue to use your favorite MP3 software on your computer and listen as you normally do.