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Croakley Lines

Posted: 28 Jun 2018 22:30
by chapsterGamer
Welcome to the open and and honest company. Croakley Lines!
We operate a multi-purpose railway and tramlines for intercity travelling.

Croakley Lines has recently started creating two tramlines within separate towns that drastically expanded into cities. Recently, the company acquired rights to build a medium to large terminus station. However, this was met with friction from the towns folk. So the company made a bold move, create a poll for the towns folk to vote on whether it should be a medium or large station.

This is how the stations will be defined:
Small; 2-4 Tracks wide,
Medium; 4-6 tracks wide,
Large; 6-12 tracks wide.

Poll will be up for a week. Please make sure to let that vote count!

(NOTE FROM OP: BR Set is in use. As well as car dealers from the Autocar MOD(adds a little more detail). Otherwise Thats it. If anymore come to my attention, or another member of the fourms points it out, i'll make sure to add to the list! Thank you for looking!)
Pictures may have lines of text, you're welcome to read and ask questions!

Re: Croakley Lines

Posted: 06 Jul 2018 00:13
by chapsterGamer
As the public poll comes to an end, it seems split between Medium Size and Large Size. So to come to an agreement, the company put forward a six track station. The Council deliberated between themselves for a while, in the end they agreed. Under a strict new guideline for transport across their area. This is to be presented either tomorrow or Monday.

If this gains enough attention it is to be implemented nationally. This will be given the title of Road and Railway Act [RaRA for short]

Re: Croakley Lines

Posted: 10 Jul 2018 07:17
by chapsterGamer
The first part of the new legislation has been drafted up, this is concerning the Railway side of the act.
Here is the public release:

Road and Railway Act

Railway Construction within town boundaries
When an opening for a Terminus/Through station, the company must first put forward a request to the council of the town/city. If the council have come to a hung vote internally, the vote will be handed to the public of the town.
If a vote is still seen as hung from both public and internally, a middle ground will be defined and shall be concluded as the way the vote goes.
Once a defined track plan has been materialized, construction should be swift and quick to minimize disruption to road and town services.
Roads MUST have a way to connect to a highway AND intercity connections. This is to be funded by the company.
Boundaries must be set-up to deter vandalism, trespassing, robbery, etc
1.3.1: if a railway passes through non-populated/minor populated areas a fence may not need setting up but precautions must be taken. If the area is to expand in population, the company must act quickly with the right fencing.

The Road portion is still in discussion.
(Hello, OP here. So life had taken over and things got a little hectic. However more screenshots to come!)

Re: Croakley Lines

Posted: 14 Jul 2018 16:58
by chapsterGamer
Some pics!